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MISRA Compliance:2020
Significant work has taken place within the MISRA C and MISRA C++ Working Groups since the initial release of MISRA Compliance in 2016, with one of the outcomes being that all future releases of MISRA Guidelines will mandate the use of MISRA Compliance.

Up to this point, the MISRA Guideline documents have all included content related to the various MISRA compliance activities. This update to MISRA Compliance enhances Section 2.2 (now titled “Framework”) of Chapter 2 (now titled “The software development process”), completing the definition of what must be covered within the software development process when making a claim of MISRA compliance. This is mainly a “house-keeping” exercise, allowing the compliance-related content to be replaced by references to this document, ensuring consistency among the MISRA Guidelines whilst reducing the effort required in their maintenance.

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Dr David Ward
MISRA Operations Director

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