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Full Version: MISRA Exemplar Suite
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As with the exemplar suite for C:2004 is there, or will there be, an exemplar suite for C++:2008 and C:2012? I am wanting to access the abilities of some of my companies compilers and also third party static analysis tools and would find these very useful.

The working-group is currently working on taking the examples from the document and producing a set of source files that can be analysed. This involves minimizing the amount of cross-talk between rules and adding extra comments where appropriate.

It is planned that these files will be released in Q1 of 2014. The examples in the MISRA C:2012 document are much more extensive than those for MISRA-C:2004. However, it must be emphasised that this suite consists of example code from the document and should not be treated as a test suite. A more comprehensive exemplar suite may be created in the future.
The Examples from the MISRA C:2012 document are now available to download from the Resources section of the Bulletin Board.