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Full Version: Subsets of MISRA-C 2004 rules, and quality objectives
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Dear colleagues,
I have received a paper where the authors talk about three different "subsets of MISRA-C 2004 rules". Each subset is related to a different "quality objective", that are in turn related to the SW criticality.
I have checked the MISRA-C 2004 document and I think that it does not contain any reference to these "rule subsets", with the exception of the advisory or required character and the classification of the rules by type.

I would like to know if this practice (having "rules subsets") is common in the automotive industry, and whether there is a shared reference to make this categorization of the rules subsets depending on the SW criticality.

Thanks in advance,

MISRA has published no "subsets of MISRA-C:2004 rules", other guidelines for the application of MISRA-C:2004 in the context of automatic code generation. This document can be purchased from the misra.org.uk website:
Quote:MISRA AC AGC: Guidelines for the application of MISRA-C:2004 in the context of automatic code generation, ISBN 978-906400-02-6 (PDF), November 2007.
Section 5.1.2 of the MISRA-C:2004 guidelines permits a project to choose whether advisory rules need a formal deviation in the same way as required rules. Section 4.3.2 permits a “Project Deviation” to relax a required rule in specified circumstances. The method by which project deviations are created will differ depending on the organisation and is likely to happen at the start of a project.