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Full Version: Any upcoming releases for MISRA C++ ?
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As far as I know the latest guideline for C++ is MISRA C++ 2008. According to the current Cpp conferences and its talks about modern C++, the increasing use of embedded linux and during some research C++11 / C++14 both provide many techniques that could be useful for embedded programming of safety critical systems. Please correct me if I'm wrong. To name a few features there are std::array, range-loops, constexpr, static_assert, enum class.

Are there any upcoming MISRA C++ guidelines planned in the near future covering those (C++11, …) standards ?

Thanks Daniel

i also would like an official statement about how to deal with C++11 and C++14 (C++17 on the horizon).
Are we supposed to force the compiler into C++03 mode to be MISRA-compliant, thus limiting ourselves to use only C++03 features?
Thanks in advance.
Just want to second the original question. Do you plan to announce any documentation regarding C++ 11 (14) ? Looks like existed C++ 2008 MISRA Compliance document is somewhat out-dated now.
Thank you in advance.
The group are currently working on an updated document to cover C++14 and are currently planning to publish towards the end of 2018.

New members are welcome if anyone would like to influence the final document.
Could I ask if there are any updates to the progress of the release of a new MISRA C++ standard?

Are there any preview documents available, to allow any potential early feedback?
Its being worked on at the moment, to include C++17 (so by default C++14 & C++11) sine die.

A draft for public comment will be made available before publication