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Full Version: MISRA C:2012 Amendment 1
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When the MISRA C:2012 Amendment 1 document will be available?

I would also like to know this
Me too. The press release said 27 April but a later post on the MISRA C and C++ LinkedIn group said week commencing 9 May. The latest update says maybe week commencing 16 May but suggests that it might be the following one, i.e week commencing 23 May.
Those at the Device Developer's Conference were provided copies, but unfortunately a couple (minor) issues were raised... this, coupled with other commitments keeping key people occupied, has caused a short delay.

I am expecting the Amendment, and the other documents, to be released this week.
These documents are now available, see under "Resources".
(25-05-2016, 04:13 PM)david ward Wrote: [ -> ]These documents are now available, see under "Resources".

The posts in the new forum don't seem to contain these documents - did the documents carry across from the old forum, or have I missed something in the UI?
Thanks for pointing that out, we will get those added back in as soon as possible. In the meantime the most recent MISRA C supporting documents (AMD2, Compliance 2020 and MISRA C:2012 Permits) are available for direct download on the MISRA C page of the main website, see https://www.misra.org.uk/misra-c/
We have now reattached these files - apologies for the inconvenience. Please let us know of any further issues.