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Full Version: Does #define CAL_TP const volatile violate Rule 19.4
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Is it permissible to have more than one attribute in the define?

My code is auto-generated using Simulink. It contains the define:
#define CAL_TP const volatile

Our MISRA checker determined this to be a violation of Rule 19.4, but some of my colleagues dispute this.
They think it is a flaw in the checker.
Is this a violation?
Rule 19.4 only permits a macro that expands to a single "type qualifier". i.e. "const" or "volatile". Therefore the above example violates rule 19.4

However, it should be noted that this rule was relaxed in MISRA C:2012 and the above example would not violate MISRA C:2012 rules. If you are continuing to use MISRA-C:2004, then the justification for a deviation for this code could include that this Rule has been relaxed for MISRA C:2012.