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Full Version: MISRA AC AGC vs. MISRA-C:2012-Appendix-E
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Hello community,

recently, I bought the publication "MISRA AC AGC - Guidelines for the application of MISRA-C:2004 in the context of automatic code generation".
I bought this document because my code analyzer tools POLYSPACE from MATHWORKS support the analysis based on either MISRA-C:2004, MISRA-C:2012 or MISRA AC AC. As the latter one is based on MISRA-C:2004 I wonder, whether the standard MISRA-C:2012 with the exceptions resp. modifications described in Appendix E would be the 'better' choice?

Thank you for any response and
Best Regards.
MISRA AC AGC (published in 2007) provides guidance for auto-generated code, in the context of MISRA C:2004

For MISRA C:2012, this additional guidance is provided within the Guidelines by Appendix E.

The decision as to which version of MISRA C to use (2004+AGC or 2012) depends on a number of factors, particularly the tool-chain and the existing code-base. For new projects, it is generally “better” to adopt MISRA C:2012.