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Full Version: CERT C EXP35-C considered Out of Scope by MISRA C:2012 Addendum 3
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MISRA C:2012 Addendum 3 defines the coverage classification "Out of Scope" as "Aspects of behaviour are out of scope for C99 and are related to C11." Considering this definition, why is EXP35-C classified "Out of Scope"? The very first example I see in EXP35-C (section 4.5.1 in CERT C 2016 edition) is a non-compliant example for C99. CERT C actually states that the example would work fine in C11, but fails in C99.
The headline for EXP35-C is "Do not modify objects with temporary lifetime", where "temporary lifetime" is a new term introduced in C11.

However, you are correct that the examples for EXP35-C show that the rule is intended to cover similar undefined behaviour in C99. The coverage should be mapped to Rule 1.3 with a classification of Implicit/Weak.