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Full Version: HIS Subset of MISRA
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Dear colleagues,
I am trying to find in the web the MISRA subset for HIS with no success.
Does anybody know where it is possible to get these files / list of rules?

Thanks in advance,

I have found this url:


and also one web page at:


with some info,


You can buy a PDF copy through the MISRA Web Store

I believe hard-copy is currently out of stock, but new copies will hopefully be available soon enough.

Regarding the Volkswagon/HIS document - that is a bit naughty as it is publishing copyright material on the Internet... but that said, it appears to be listing MISRA-C:1998 rules, whereas MISRA C:2012 (plus additions) is the more recent version
Two years ago, http://www.automotive-his.de/ (the official server of Herstellerinitiative Software) had been down for quite a long time. I asked the domain owner about it and got the answer that the domain was switched off intentionally and that at the moment there was no official way to get HIS documents, but somebody would take care of this problem.

Nowadays, http://www.automotive-his.de/ redirects to https://www.autosar.org/ but I don't think that they provide the HIS documents there (at least a quick search did not return anything). You might ask at https://www.autosar.org/ if they can help you. I won't miss these documents if they are not available anymore.
I cannot find a publically available copy on an open forum...

Version 2.0 of the Common Subset of the MISRA C Guidelines (HIS C) was published in 2006, to address MISRA C:2004... this version replaced all existing guidance with the following single policy:

Quote:2 Obligatory Rules for MISRA-C:2004 to comply with HIS
All rules in accordance with MISRA-C:2004 Guidelines for the use of the C LANGUAGE in critical system are to be complied with.

Deviations are only permissible in exceptional cases; these deviations are to be justified individually and in writing.

In particular, the MISRA-C:2004 Chapter 4.3.2 deviation procedure for the operational procedure for the handling of violations of the MISRA rules is to be followed.

Car manufacturers who are represented by HIS can specify further Company-specific restrictions. These further restrictions are also subject to a fixed operational process based on the MISRA-C:2004 Chapter 4.3.2 deviation procedure.

I am not aware of any more recent versions of HIS C