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Full Version: MISRA-C:2004 references to ISO/IEC 9899
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I just received the MISRA-C:2004 edition and I have a question regarding the references to the C-Standard documentation. The MISRA-C:2004 references explicitely to the ISO/IEC 1990 version and specifically to Annex G. I have a copy of the IEC/ISO 1999 version and Annex G deals with complex numbers, not undefined behavior (which is Annex J). Did the ISO/IEC standard change that much between the 1990 version and the 1999 version that I really need to hunt down a 1990 copy?


You would have thought that the MISRA-Mob would have made sure the standard they referenced was available!

I have tracked one version down to

but it's not cheap. (150 USD!)

You can get the TC's from

and I am certain that some hunting around might throw up the 9899:1990...

as it is the full 9899:1999 +TC1 +TC2 +TC3 is at
this is C99 + the TC's which MISRA say is the target standard for MISRA-C3

BTW the list of differences from C90 to C99 is at

Also is the Rational for C99 which is at

should be a good laugh as as the document
wants to add microsoft extensions to it and


looks like they may have come to their senses having realised that soem 10 years after they did C99 virtualy no one has fully implimented it yet!

They are looking at removing some C99 things and getting back t the C language as implimented inthe real world.

So whils tMISTA say that C3 will be based on C99 as they get closer to release date they might find that ISO-C is coming the other way to meet them......

What a merry dance.