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Full Version: Combining case and default?
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I would be interested in comments on the following simplified fragment.

switch (err) {
case 0:

case 1:
case 2:
case 3:

I am seeing code examples like this where multiple cases are being combined with default. Most compiler will simply optimize this out to a simple test for case 0. The programmers are using this as a way to identify the results they might expect. I think having the other cases in a comment would serve this as well. MISRA C does not seem to mention this.
From a test perspective I feel it is necessary to test all declared cases.
Can anyone offer a comment on this?

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The code fragment does not violate any MISRA C rules relating to the switch statement.

The number of tests cases suggested by this code fragment will depend on the project testing strategy. This is not something that the MISRA C Guidelines addresses.