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Full Version: Rule 2.1
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I am implementing an automated MISRA checker (MINT) and need some details regarding this rule.
Second part of rule 2.1 says "Furthermore, the signal name should be unique and not conflict with any other signal in the TargetLink model".
I am able to check this (only non-propagated labels included), however: what about library blocks? If a library block with at least one labelled line is used multiple times, then we have multiple signal lines labelled by the same label within the model.
I have also question: what is "TargetLink" model? Is it a Simulink model containing at least one TargetLink subsystem? Or is it the contents of TargetLink subsystem(s), no matter what is outside?
I would highly appreciate any comments.
Best regards,
Library blocks that are clearly configured as re-usable subsystems can be considered exceptions to this rule as they will map to a unique code function in the generated code.

A "TargetLink model" can be considered to be a Simulink model containing at least one TargetLink subsystem, thus if multiple TargetLink subsystems are present then signal names should be unique across all the TargetLink subsystems.