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Full Version: Best way of checking code is compliant - what tool ?
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The organisation I work for is about to start a series of new products.

Within the organsiation ( 2 sites) of the 8 embedded software engineers, none has any experience of working to any formal standards etc.

Currently we looking at using PC lint from gimpel ( using the MISRA options lnt file) to help test and verify the code is MISRA compliant.

I must admit is was quite educational to try lint just on its own, on the exsisting products code and has generated quite a bit of reworking of code.

Can anyone suggest a better tool or perhaps a training course etc that may ease the introduction of the MISRA standard into our newer products.


Feabhas do an intro to MISRA-C 1-day training course for £450 - see http://www.feabhas.com/mc-101.html., for a starters.


I intend to put up a list of MISRA-C tools and other resources on the UNOFFICIAL http://www.misra-c.org.

MISRA/MIRA is independant and can not get involved in recommending this tool or that tool etc. It can not be seen to (or implied that) it is recommending any tool. In much the same way BSI does not list tools that (claim to) adheare to its standards.

My web site will list tools and pointer to their web sites BUT this will be for information only. I can not (and will not) be testing the claims of the various tool vendors. However when the test suite arrives you can do this yourselves.

If I get any feed back I may post information here or you can do that yourselves.