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MISRA Coverage - akedintm - 24-02-2017

I would like to adress some questions about the actual MISRA Coverage.
The main file reffered to is MISRA_C2012_Guidelines_for_the_use_of_the_C_language_in_critical_systems.
Then, as far as I understood, Safety/Security related topics brought up the new Ammendment 1 along with Addendum 1 ( Rule mapping ) and Addendum 2.

My question would be, does MISRA and the extensions above cover the entire ISO/IEC TS 17961 descriptions ?
And also, what would the difference be between MISRA with extensions and SEI CERT C Coding Standard ?

Thank you all in advance for the answers !

Best regards, Alex.

Re: MISRA Coverage - Andrew Banks - 17-03-2017

The publication of Addendum 2 showed that MISRA C:2012 already had very good coverage of the ISO/IEC TS 17961 security guidelines.

Amendment 1 introduced additional guidelines to address the gaps... a second Edition of Addendum 2 will be published soon to show the revised coverage.

In parallel, the MISRA C Working Group is producing a similar analysis of MISRA C against the SEI CERT C Coding Standard, and this will be published in due course.