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MISRA C++ new version - ptalwar - 13-07-2018

Is MISRA going to release a new version for C++14 anytime soon?
If so, what does the timeline look like and when it's going to be made available to public?

Re: MISRA C++ new version - ccommisso - 26-07-2018


In addition to C++14 what about C++11? Is there a plan to support this anytime soon.

Re: MISRA C++ new version - dejanpan - 10-10-2018

I would like to upvote this question too. We are also hearing rumors that https://www.autosar.org/fileadmin/user_upload/standards/adaptive/17-03/AUTOSAR_RS_CPP14Guidelines.pdf might get merged into MISRA C++ checker.

Any updates?

Re: MISRA C++ new version - misra cpp - 25-10-2018

Its being worked on at the moment, to include C++17 (so by default C++14 & C++11) sine die.

A draft for public comment will be made available before publication

Re: MISRA C++ new version - patrickfoy - 09-09-2019

Is there an updated status that can be shared regarding support for later versions of C++?

Re: MISRA C++ new version - getMW - 15-01-2021

are there any news about the new MISRA-C++ version?
at least any planning that can be shared ?
many thanks

Re: MISRA C++ new version - chenzhuowansui - 24-02-2021


I'm also interested in the new version of MISRA C++(maybe MISRA 2020, with the support of AUTOSAR), when will it be ready to public? thanks

RE: MISRA C++ new version - david ward - 30-11-2021

We are pleased to announce we are now getting underway with the public review of the next version of MISRA C++.

The new version of MISRA C++ will integrate the AUTOSAR C++:14 guidelines as well as supporting more recent versions of the C++ language.

Unlike previous reviews where we have circulated a complete draft document for comment, we will be releasing sections of rules for review as they have been completed by the working group, which will help speed up the process of finalizing the next version of MISRA C++.

We are now inviting people who would like to be involved in the review process to register their interest; you can do this via this online form Reviewer sign-up form.

Please note we may not be able to accept all review applications; we will be in touch in early 2022 with next steps so once you have submitted the form you do not need to contact us further.