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Any on-line MISRA reference material with examples? - sw_test - 09-09-2019


I was wondering if there is any on-line reference material with examples of different MISRA compliance rules and how to fix the issues properly? or is it all only available through the MISRA webstore? https://www.misra.org.uk/Buyonline/tabid/58/Default.aspx

I'm looking for a way to link to examples for the different MISRA rules but not really seeing something that is similar to seeing issues with CWE, like: http://cwe.mitre.org/data/definitions/825.html

Is there anything similar for the MISRA compliance side of things?


Re: Any on-line MISRA reference material with examples? - misra-c - 07-10-2019

This response is written by the MISRA C:2012 working group and may not be applicable to the work of other groups.

The MISRA C:2012 guidelines contain a set of rules and directives along with advice on how to comply with those guidelines.
The examples from the document can be found at MISRA C:2012 Examples or as a .zip download

Two other documents have also been produced:

"MISRA Compliance:2016 Achieving compliance with MISRA Coding Guidelines" applies to both MISRA C and MISRA C++ guidelines. It goes into more detail on how a project should apply the MISRA coding guidelines. It also introduces the idea of permits for those cases where a required rule needs to be deviated.

An example of permits for MISRA C:2004 can be found "MISRA C:2004 Permits - Deviation permits for MISRA Compliance"

The documents and examples can also be found in the "Resources" section of the Bulletin Board.