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MISRA C++:2023 published - david ward - 29-11-2023

MISRA is very pleased to announce the release of the new version of MISRA C++; MISRA C++:2023 Guidelines for the use C++:17 in critical systems

Published in October 2023, this is the latest and current edition of MISRA C++. It is specifically targetting the 2017 language version (C++:17) as defined by ISO/IEC 14882:2017.

The document is available in PDF form from our webstore, and you can also purchase hardcopies using a “print on demand” service.

We will create an FAQ section shortly with answers to questions on the new document as well as a new area in this forum for discussion on its guidelines. Please wait until we have created the new forum topics before posting questions.

Webstore purchases are for single-user individual licenses. Other uses including but not limited to corporate (shared) use, use within a tool by tool vendors and training courses require a license; details are available on request. Please use the "contact us" form on the MISRA website to get in touch.