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MISRA C:2012 publication date - david ward - 26-02-2013

MISRA is very pleased to announced today at Embedded World that the next edition of MISRA C Guidelines for the use of the C language in critical systems, to be known as MISRA C:2012, will be available from the MISRA webstore from 18 March 2013. Initially PDF copies will be available to purchase, with print copies available about 2 weeks later.

MISRA C:2012 extends support to the C99 version of the C language (while maintaining guidelines for C90), in addition to including a number of improvements that can reduce the cost and complexity of compliance, whilst aiding consistent, safe use of C in critical systems. Improvements, many of which have been made as a result of user feedback, include: better rationales for every guideline, identified decidability so users can better interpret the output of checking tools, greater granularity of rules to allow more precise control, a number of expanded examples and integration of MISRA AC AGC. A cross reference for ISO 26262 has also been produced.

Check back here for further details or subscribe to the MISRA mailing list to stay informed.