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Status of MISRA AC documents March 2014
Hello Dr. Ward,

What is the status of the changes mentioned in your post?

According to MISRA AC INT, one document from each level of the MISRA AC Guidelines hierarchy have to be selected for using the guidelines effectively.

1. The first two levels contain the two documents MISRA AC GMG and MISRA AC SLSF. When are the updated documents expected?
2. The next level contains MISRA AC TL document which you mention, shall be/is already deprecated. So I assume it would make sense to use the guidelines provided by dSPACE for TargetLink here, as you have suggested.
3. From my understanding, the MISRA C 2012 ( along with Appendix E) shall be applicable for auto generated code for the language level.

Till the two documents awaiting updates are available would it make sense to use the old versions of the two documents along with dSPACE-TL guidelines and the MISRA C 2012 (Appendix E) as an effective combination for guidelines, assuming that the structure mentioned in MISRA AC INT still holds good?

Madan Kadambi
Software Engineer

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