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Rule 1.3 - What do people do to check this rule?
swestin Wrote:
dg1980 Wrote:Just rely on whatever static code analysis tool you are using.
If they claim to fully support MISRA C 2012 they have to check for all Rule 1.3 violations.
Publicly available example (look for Rule 1.3 support):

I'm afraid this isn't very good advice.

To begin with, no software can deliver MISRA compliance; it's just one tool to help along the way. There's an entire list of procedures and (non-code) standards that must be followed.

Second, there are MISRA code guidelines that are impossible (or practically impossible) to check automatically. The guidelines flag certain rules and directives as being in this category.

Finally, no software (including static analysis tools) is perfect. Some things may not be completely implemented, or not (yet) implemented at all. And, occasionally, there will be bugs.

So no tool can substitute for a complete understanding of the guidelines; that's what this forum is for.

-Stephen H. Westin
Fair enough, how do you check for rule 1.3 violations then?

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