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Rule 1.3 - What do people do to check this rule?
Appendix H.1 lists the Undefined Behaviours

Of the 61 you mention, 46 are Decidable and are of the form "X is undefined" - we decided that 46 rules of the form "Don't use undefined behaviour X" was unnecessary duplication of the generic "Don't use undefined behaviour". A tool that detects the UB will detect them under Rule 1.3 even where other Rules are not specified.

Of the remaining 19 undecidable behaviours, nine are partially addressed by other MISRA C rules... tools may also detect these under Rule 1.3

If, however, you are not using a tool, then a manual code review will need to detect the UB under Rule 1.3, whether there are specific additional MISRA C rules or not!
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