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Will there be Model Advisor rules?
To answer your three questions:

1. It is always recommended to ask a tool vendor to explain what they mean when they claim a tool checks for a certain ruleset or standard and what their claimed coverage of the rules or standards are. A tool vendor should be able to produce a compliance matrix listing which checks against the requirements of a ruleset or standard their tool implements.

2. Regarding whether a particular vendor is planning support, such a question is best addressed directly to the vendor. MISRA is are aware of tools which already have support for rules from the MISRA AC family of documents, and other tool support may be planned, but MISRA does not give recommendations for or against particular tools.

3. MISRA has a strict policy of not endorsing products from tool vendors. Tool vendors can apply to MISRA for a licence to quote MISRA rules in their tools, but MISRA does not have a process for approving or vetting the quality of the actual implementation in the tool.

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