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MISRA AC GMG:2023 released
We are pleased to announce a new version of MISRA AC GMG has been released.

The MISRA Autocode (AC) family of documents deals with the application of language subsets for automatic code generation purposes. This document, MISRA AC GMG, contains the best practices, captured as a set of design and style guidelines, for the use in all graphical modelling environments for producing models that will be used for simulation and automatic code generation. Updated in June 2023, this second edition is the current version of MISRA AC GMG. This document supersedes the first edition (published in 2009).

The MISRA webstore provides single-user PDFs and you can purchase a hardcopy via a "print on demand" service at the following link. Please be sure to select the most appropriate “marketplace” for your location to expedite delivery. MISRA AC GMG:2023 hardcopy
Dr David Ward
MISRA Operations Director
On reading MISRA AC GMG Section 2.2 - A reference to Appendix F is made twice. Neither MISRA Compliance:2020 or the MISRA AC GMG:2023 have an Appendix F. Please advise which Appendix of which document is referenced?
Thank you for raising this question.

Both references are intended to be to Appendix B (of MISRA AC GMG:2023 itself).
Posted by and on behalf of the MISRA AC Working Group

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