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Rule 2.4 and tags the same as typedef names
Rule 2.4 states that a project should have no unused tag declarations. However in Rule 5.7, a tag name shall be a unique identifier, there is an exception that allows the tag to be the same as the typedef name. You give this example:
typedef struct coord
uint16_t x;
uint16_t y;
} coord; /* Compliant by exception */

Can this also be an exception to 2.4 ?
The phrase "struct coord" is redundant if it is not used anywhere else in the code. The code could be rewritten as
typedef struct
uint16_t x;
uint16_t y;
} coord;
The exception in rule 5.7 assumes that "struct coord" has been used some-where else in the code.
Posted by and on behalf of the MISRA C Working Group

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