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Meaning of MISRA AC SLSF 045B (par. 3.6.11)
I can't make sense of the wording of 045B. I think there may be a copy-&-paste problem--the English seems garbled--but I'm not sure enough of my understanding of Stateflow yet to figure out what the 'correct' and 'incorrect' examples are meant to convey, so I'm not comfortable assuming how the rule should read. Could someone perhaps explain this rule for me or tell me how the rule should read? Thanks.
You are correct that the text for this rule appears garbled in this version. The MISRA AC working group agrees that this should read "In all state-charts, any variable written on a state's exit actions must not be written on transitions..."

The MISRA AC SLSF guidelines are currently under review and the wording of this rule will be reworked for the next revision.

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