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9.References on MISRA-C:2012
I am checking the 9.References on MISRA-C:2012.

[1] MISRA Guidelines for the Use of the C Language In Vehicle Based Software ISBN 0-9524159-9-0, Motor Industry Research
Association, Nuneaton, April 1998.
This is ISBN 10.

It was also in the reference on MISRA-C 2004.


On a paper book of Guidelines for the Use of the C Language in Vehicle Based Software
ISBN 0-9524156-9-0
This is ISBN 10.

Please check them.

In Japanese Guide to guideline for MISRA-C:2004,
the reference of the document was ISBN 0-9524156-9-0.
We might report it already.

In misra web site
Guidelines for the Use of the C Language in Vehicle Based Software, ISBN 978-0-9524156-6-5, April 1998.
This is ISBN 13.

Best Regards.
Dr. Kiyoshi Ogawa
<t>Dr. OGAWA Kioshi<br/>
This is not a mistake, there are two international standards for ISBN - ISBN 10 and ISBN 13. ISBN 13 has replaced ISBN 10, and former numbers can be coverted by adding 978 and recalculating some of the digits. Also PDF and print editions require different ISBNs.

At the time MISRA C:1998 and MISRA C:2004 were published, both were allocated ISBN 10 format numbers. We have continued to refer to these documents by their original ISBN in the publications but where necessary we have updated on the website to use an ISBN 13 format. On the website we refer to the PDF version of MISRA C:1998 as this was reissued incorporating the text of the Technical Clarification document as an appendix. There may be a mistake in the check digit for this publication and we will check and correct this.

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