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MISRA-2012 = state of the art?
Hello all,

We use MISRA-2004. Do you need to migrate to MISRA-2012? Is MISRA-2012 state of the art?

Any recommendations? Official statements? Decision matrix?

We would recommend adoption of MISRA C:2012 (including Amendment 1) for any NEW projects, while using the additional guidance from MISRA Compliance:2016 for addressing any migration issues with pre-existing, legacy, code.

For existing projects, the decision to, and timing of, upgrading from MISRA-C:2004 to MISRA C:2012 is a matter for the company and the project. Upgrading will most likely result in some rework, which is likely to have cost, risk and timescale implications.

Section 5.1 on Adoption in the MISRA C:2012 documentation states:
Quote:If a project is building on existing code that has a proven track record then the benefts of compliance with MISRA C may be outweighed by the risks of introducing a defect when making the code compliant. In such cases a judgement on adopting MISRA C should be made based on the net beneft likely to be obtained
A summary of the differences between MISRA C:2004 and MISRA C: 2012 are given in "MISRA C 2012 Addendum 1- Rule Mapping.pdf" which can be downloaded from the "Resources -> MISRA resources -> MISRA C:2012 Addendum 1" posting of this bulletin board. ( )
Posted by and on behalf of the MISRA C Working Group

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