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Note 9003: could define variable at block scope
In my code I have a static const array which is declared outside the block scope of the function where it’s used. Also it is only used by one function, so the Note 9003 is correct.
But the array is large and will ruin the overview of the function. So I want to suppress the warning using /*lint -e9003*/ before the array and /*lint +e9003*/ behind it.
But this has no effect. As I suppress the warning global it works, but this shall not be the way to do.
Any idea how to suppress the warning local for just one variable?
I don't think we should use this forum for tool specific questions:), better use next time.
To answer your question: use -esym(9003,Name_of_the_array) which suppresses 9003 for just that variable.
The violation is correct. The MISRA-C working group is unable to comment on individual tools. We suggest that you contact your tool vendor.
Posted by and on behalf of the MISRA C Working Group

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