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Normative power of misra-c answers
Hello everyone,
as stated in: official answers (i suspected and hope only via the misra-c account) have normative power. This decision is impractical (for me), as we will have to set up a task to perform an check regularly if the standard has been corrected or otherwise updated via an answer; but this can be done. I would like you to ask however 2 favors:

1) As the above linked answer was in the MISRA-C:2004 sub-forum, can you please point out and confirm the normative power for the whole of the MISRA-C discussions at a prominent place?

2) As consistency and completeness is quite hard to obtain just by studying the comments, could you please systematically add additional information for each of the misra-c user answers,
- if they contain normative content (not all do!) or not,
- if the normative content is (still) valid or deprecated
- if the normative content is deprecated, by what it was invalidated (e.g. a other comment, a MISRA-C TC, new edition...)

With regards,
Mark Alexander
The thoughts of the MISRA-C working group has changed on this issue since the post in 2012. Responses posted by misra-c should not be considered as normative. Such postings do not change the existing published guidelines. However, responses which deviate from the published guidelines do indicate the current thinking of the MISRA-C working group and are likely to be included in future TCs or in the next major release of the guidelines.
Posted by and on behalf of the MISRA C Working Group

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