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MISRA Guidelines for secure coding - further updates
The MISRA C Working Group are pleased to announce the publication of two Addenda to the MISRA C:2012 guidelines.

The 2nd edition of MISRA C:2012 Addendum 2 (Coverage of MISRA C:2012 against ISO/IEC TS 17961:2013 "C Secure") updates the document to include coverage provided by Amendment 1 (Additional security guidelines for MISRA C:2012).

MISRA C:2012 Addendum 3 (Coverage of MISRA C:2012 against CERT C) provides an analysis of the coverage provided by MISRA C:2012 (including Amendment 1) against the recommendations provided by CERT C.

Together, these two documents demonstrate that MISRA C provides best practice guidelines for the development of secure applications, as well as the widely considered applicability of MISRA C for safety-related systems.

Future work within the MISRA C Working Group on the Standard Library for Hosted Applications, and to add the new features of C11 are underway, and will enhance the coverage of MISRA C in these areas.

Both documents are available as free downloads from the "Resources" section of this Bulletin Board.

If you have questions on the new Guidelines then they can be asked under the relevant forum topic (e.g. a question about Rule 12.5 should be added under "MISRA C > MISRA C:2012 guidelines > 8.12 Expressions").
Dr David Ward
MISRA Project Manager

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