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Rule 8.3 Function definition
I want to just clarify that following is a MISRA violation before using it in my code. I am calling one function from a file as under:

(void)Dem_SetEventStatus((Dem_EventIdType)(dtcFlt_t.dtc[dtcIndex]), DEM_EVENT_STATUS_FAILED);

Here Dem_SetEventStatus is defined in one header as under:

extern FUNC(Std_ReturnType, RTE_CODE) Dem_SetEventStatus (Dem_ASR42_EventIdType EventId, Dem_ASR42_EventStatusType EventStatus);

Here Dem_EventIdType is a typedef of unit8 and Dem_ASR42_EventIdType is unsigned short.

So , there were the violation of MISRA 8.3 right??
Rule 8.3 concerns the types in the declaration and definition of a function.
It is not concerned with the types used in a function call.

However the example does violate rule 10.1 which does not permit the widening of types on a function call.
Posted by and on behalf of the MISRA C Working Group

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