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Clarification for 7-4-1
Rule 7-4-1 states that all usage of assembler shall be documented.

There are two ways that I could interpret this rule - and I was wondering which of these two was meant:
  1. That a cross-reference document is kept stating where assembly language is used.
  2. That all assembly language is documented with pseudo-code (or similar) such that it could be re-implemented in assembly language for a different processor (or even C/C++).

Is there any clarification about this available?
No, there isn't any guidance for this rule, as it felt to be too dependant upon the developer's processes.

If you need to use assembler, we'd expect you to produce a company/project policy to define the level and form of documentation required to satisfy your customers and/or certification body
Posted by and on behalf of
the MISRA C++ Working Group

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