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MISRA C++ new version
Is MISRA going to release a new version for C++14 anytime soon?
If so, what does the timeline look like and when it's going to be made available to public?

In addition to C++14 what about C++11? Is there a plan to support this anytime soon.
I would like to upvote this question too. We are also hearing rumors that might get merged into MISRA C++ checker.

Any updates?
Its being worked on at the moment, to include C++17 (so by default C++14 & C++11) sine die.

A draft for public comment will be made available before publication
Posted by and on behalf of
the MISRA C++ Working Group
Is there an updated status that can be shared regarding support for later versions of C++?
are there any news about the new MISRA-C++ version?
at least any planning that can be shared ?
many thanks

I'm also interested in the new version of MISRA C++(maybe MISRA 2020, with the support of AUTOSAR), when will it be ready to public? thanks

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