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2-10-2 "block scope" for classes and namespaces
Rule 2-10-2 is defined in terms of "block scopes" and "nested blocks". The only example is of a function and there is no mention of classes nor namespaces. Does "block" refer only to a compound statement as part of a function body, or is the intention to include other curly-brace-enclosed regions or scopes? For example, are any of the indicated lines violations of rule 2-10-2?

int i;
namespace n { int i; } // A
namespace { int i; } // B
class c { int i; }; // C

class c2 { int k; void f() { int k; } }; // D

class base { int z; };
class derived : public base { int z; }; // E
2-10-2 is not purely about block scopes, so your examples A, B, C and D are violations of this rule, but E isn’t as a derived class is not an inner scope with respect to the base.
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the MISRA C++ Working Group

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