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Executing process

Regarding the rule 20.11, the call of 'system' shall not be used. But In my current program, I'm creating process by using fork() and system() to start it.

What is the best solution to create process and start it in order to comply with MISRA C 2004 ?

By advance thanks for your answer.
The MISRA-C working group can not give advice on how to write programs. However, if you need to deviate from a rule you should read section 4.3.2. The following documents are also useful.

"MISRA Compliance:2016 Achieving compliance with MISRA Coding Guidelines" which introduces the idea of permits for those cases where a required rule needs to be deviated.

An example of permits for MISRA C:2004 can be found "MISRA C:2004 Permits - Deviation permits for MISRA Compliance"
Posted by and on behalf of the MISRA C Working Group
Thanks for your reply and the links provided.

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