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Rule 22.1: object declaration and deleted timing
Hi, I have a question about object declaration and deleted timing.
I need to declare an object in constructor and release it in deconstructor, because the object will be reused frequently, but it is not compliant on MISRA C 2012.
The sample code as below.
Could you give me any hint to solve it?

ABC::aa(const Arguments& args)
    pImpl = new ABC::impl(args);

    delete pImpl;
    pImpl = NULL;
The above code is a violation of rule 1.1.
Quote: The program shall contain no violation of the standard C syntax ....
MISRA C:2012 is not applicable to C++ code. Such code should be analysed against the MISRA C++:2008 guidelines.
Posted by and on behalf of the MISRA C Working Group

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