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MISRA AC guidelines public review Jan 21
MISRA is pleased to announce that drafts of new versions of its Autocode documents MISRA AC GMG "Generic Modelling Design and Style Guidelines" and MISRA AC SLSF "Modelling Design and Style Guidelines for the Application of Simulink and Stateflow" will shortly be available for public review.

The revision process has focused on the following:
  • Addressing feedback raised on the previous versions
  • Seeking to reduce areas of ambiguity and inconsistency
  • Updating SLSF for more recent revisions of the MathWorks toolset with expanded capabilities and, in some areas, modelling semantics
  • Further clarifying and extending Stateflow usage guidelines to define more tightly a standardized usage style from a subset of Stateflow’s capabilities

If you would like to be considered as a reviewer please download the attached file and return it to us via email. We will review applications and be in touch with next steps in due course. Please note that in the case of high levels of interest we may not be able to accept all offers of reviews.

Updated Feb 2021. The call for reviewers is now closed and we will be sending out the review package shortly. Thank you to everyone that has expressed interest
Dr David Ward
MISRA Project Manager

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