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MISRA Unspecified Behavior - AMD 2 - Corrections

I sent you a question before for TC3 issue - indeed I noticed that the C standard has  TC3 where there are some added things, this is resolved now, but I have one more issue I didn't find an fix for:

Mainly, in the appendix H.2. Critical Unspecified behavior, there seems to be a mistake in rules mentioned for the unspecified behaviors.
Mainly for C99, unspecified behaviors with ID 41 and 42, have Rule 21.9 - but they obviously refer to dynamic allocation, which should be Rule 22.1.

Further more, IDs 43 and 44, which should refer to quick sort and binary search, have Rule 21.10 (for time and date functions) but it should be Rule 21.9.

Finally, IDs 45 and 56, which should be covered by rule 21.10 (no time and date), do not have any reference to rules which avoids the unspecified behavior.

Please see attachment image for more details.

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