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Rule 1.1 and Number of characters for Header File name
The rule 1.1 deals with limits defined in chapter 5.2.4 of ISO-9899:1990 norm.

But for the #include preprocessing directive, the 9899:1999 (and so, I suspect that the C90 is more restrictive) specify in chapter 6.10.2 some restriction (limits) about the sequence placed between the \" \" or < > delimiters:

The implementation shall provide unique mappings for sequences consisting of:
- one or more digits (no case sensitive)
- followed by a period
- followed by a single letter.
- The mapping is restricting to eight significant characters before the period.

So if the sequence between \" and < > delimiters is specified, then the header file names are impacted.

I would like to know if it is MISRA compliant to have a header file name with more than 8 characters before the period ?
(Example: FooComponent_Api.h)

Thanks in advance for your answer.
This is implementation-defined behaviour including file name limits should be documented under Rule 3.1. These should be available in compiler / operating system documentation.
Posted by and on behalf of the MISRA C Working Group

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