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implicitly cast
According to source code below, please kindly help me to clear understanding whether where are the implicitly cast and they will cast to what type?

Warning: Unsuffixed integral literal implicitly cast to another type.

Source code
struct {
unsigned char multiple: 1;
unsigned char event: 1;
unsigned char checksum: 1;
unsigned char conditional: 1;
} flag;

void transmit(void)
if (flag.conditional == 1) { [color=red][b]

if (flag.conditional == 1) { [color=red][b]
and by using unsigned char in a bit field you are also violating rule 6.4
In C90 this code is making use of an extension (in C99 it is implementation-defined behavior; sentence 1385

I am guessing that the tool performing the check is not handling the semantics correctly. Even if unsigned char had the same size as unsigned int, the bit-field member would be promoted to type int (not unsigned int; sentence 669

I would complain to the tool vendor that they are incorrectly flagging this construct.
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