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verify generated code with MISRA-C ?
Hi there,

when using a UML modelling tool, should (according to MISRA) the generated code be verified, e.g. with MISRA-C ?

My experience is, that generated code often violates MISRA-C rules
and in IMO this is not a major issue, as you have to \"trust\" you codegenerator anyway ;-)

I think a better approach is, to verify the MODEL (and not the code) with some sort of model-checking...

Will the UML-group of MISRA produce such rules to verify against models ?

any other opinions, experiences ?

kind regards,
Hi Bernhard,
Currently the MISRA-rues for C code are checked for their applicablity to generated code and a meaningful subset will be produced.
Furthermore modeling guidelines will be provided that can be \"model-checked\".

<t>Dr. Oscar Slotosch<br/>
Validas AG<br/>
Lichtenbergstr. 8<br/>
D-85748 Garching<br/>
fon:+49 (0) 89 5484 14 14</t>
Quote:Furthermore modeling guidelines will be provided that can be \"model-checked\".

Hi Oscar,

I am especially interessted in this topic as i could imagine different rules like:
(only some of my thoughts)
- do not use a certain modelling construct (e.g. UML modelling construct xyz)
(so this is a general rule)
- do not model Statecharts with more than x states or y transtions...
(so this is a rule with some metric associated....)

On which level will the rules be ?
- Are you talking about the UML-model or other modeling languages ?
- Will SysML play a special role
- what about DSL (Domain Spec. Languages) and their (necessary) Meta-models...

I think this is a very interessting topic with lots of questions...

BTW. my experience with UML/MDD/MDA tools was, that they (or some of them) already have some kind of model verifyer (e.g. they show classes without relations or which are not called, states in SC that are not used, modelling artefacts that are not documented etc, etc...)

kind regards,

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