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MISRA C:2004 Exemplar Suite
This suite of files is intended to illustrate issues addressed by the MISRA C rules as expressed in:
  1. MISRA-C:2004 Guidelines for the use of the C language in critical systems, ISBN 0 9524156 2 3 paperback and ISBN 0 9524156 4 X PDF.
  2. MISRA-C:2004 Technical Corrigendum 1
This Exemplar Suite is not exhaustive, but provides examples of key issues.

Please note that the Exemplar Suite is not a compliance or conformance test suite, since considerably more examples would also be needed in such a suite. Also MISRA does not offer compliance or conformance testing for tools or products.

Use of this Exemplar Suite is subject to the conditions in the enclose READ_ME file. In particular please note that a free license of these code examples is offered only for individual use. Redistribution of the code examples in any form is not permitted. If you wish to use the Exemplar Suite in this way, including distribution with a tool, please contact MISRA for licensing terms.

This suite will be updated from time to time. You can check you have the latest version by visiting this area of the MISRA Forum. There is an MD5 checksum provided in the file description that can be used to check that a copy of the archive is a genuine copy.  The date and version number of the latest release will always be listed at the end of this post.

Version history

Version number: 1.0
Date: 17 July 2007
Reason: Initial release

Latest release

Version number: 1.0
Date: 17 July 2007

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Dr David Ward
MISRA Project Manager

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