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wrong use of type float
I didn't found any explicit rule that prohibit a misleading use of float

1) float as vector index into stateflow/simulink
2) logical operation between float in stateflow and simulink

General Modelling rules cover this topic but SLSF seems to me not!

May you confirm that I've properly read the standard ?


Our concern is also related to unoptimized code that should be produce by these bad modelling style
Thank you for your post. MISRA AC GMG and MISRA AC SLSF represent a suite of guidelines for applicaton when considering modelling for an autocode generator based on the Simulink/Stateflow modelling language. MISRA AC GMG is higher in the hierarchy, as shown in MISRA AC INT, and as such should be applied in addition to MISRA AC SLSF. As you note, the issue you raise is covered by MISRA AC GMG but is neither expanded upon nor clarified in MISRA AC SLSF with respect to the modelling language in that case. Your concern has been taken on board for consideration in a future update of the MISRA AC SLSF document.

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