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IEC 26262
Hi Board,

exist any relation/ raccamandation in IEC 26262 to follow the new MISRA AC rules ?

Thanks Giacomo
To answer the question:

1. We presume you mean ISO/DIS 26262 "Road vehicles - functional safety".
2. Given this, effectively, yes. The software part of this standard, ISO/DIS 26262-6, requires the use of modelling and programming guidelines depending on the modelling language and target language in use. Examples of the requirements can be seen in clauses 5.4.6 and 5.4.8 of the standard. The MISRA AC series of documents are an ideal set of guidance for use in meeting these requirements.
Yes i refer to the ISO/DIS 26262.

From 26262 perspective is better follow MISRA AC SLSF or MAAB or the two guideline are good as weel ?

The MISRA AC SLSF guidelines are intended to be complementary to the MAAB guidelines. The MISRA AC SLSF rules were developed specifically for the context of automated code generation for embedded systems.
Your answer surprise me !
I understood that MISRA AC SLSF main purpose is address MISRA C but from user point of view this complementary purpose generate effort and not clear road to be followed.

The complementary is a first step or is out of MISRA cover also MAAB rules purpose ?
In other word a modelling style guide is a requirement from 26262 perspective, it should be very usefull have a modelling style guideline from a consortium linke MISRA!

May you add some feedback/comment ?

The MISRA AC family of documents are intended to provide modelling and style guidelines for graphical modelling/programming languages. In restricting the use of certain "language" features they can be considered analogous to the guidelines provided for C, but they are not concerned solely with addressing MISRA C. MISRA AC AGC does however describe how the MISRA C rules are to be interpreted in the context of automatic code generation. Some of the rules in MISRA AC GMG, SLSF and TL are related to MISRA C rules (e.g. MISRA C Rule 5.1 which restricts identifier length requires a rule restricting signal name lengths in the model and/or code generator, and such rules can be seen for example as MISRA AC GMG 006.B and MISRA AC TL Rule 2.3).

The introductory document MISRA AC INT which is available from the "Resources" section of this Bulletin Board (free registration required to view this section) gives a more detailed summary of this.

As stated in our previous reply of 4 Feb, the MISRA AC family of documents are suitable for use in addressing the ISO 26262 requirements for modelling style guidelines.
Sorry i didn't catch your comment!

I try to reformulate the question.

No chance to have a MISRA rules that include the goal of MAAB rules ?

Both MISRA AC GMG and MISRA AC SLSF contain an appendix which cross-references MAAB rules. However as we have stated previously we see the MISRA rules as being complementary to the MAAB rules.

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