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Simulink window appearence
Regarding rule SLSF-19. In our expirience forcing 100% zoom factor push the designer to increment the nesting level of subsystem.
We tought that the main driver is the capability to have a readable model in one window instead of 100% zoom factor.

May you provide us comment/expirience on this rule ? Or a different interpretation of the rule probably I'm wrong.

The main aim of Rule MISRA AC SLSF 019 is to ensure good model readability in printed form as well as when viewed in one window. 100% zoom factor is a suggested guideline that can be applied to achieve this. Application of this rule, or any similar window size constraint, will incline a developer to nest a model to a degree that suits the chosen rule.

This is an advisory rule and can be deviated from if another level of zoom or window size constraint is deemed appropriate for the particular application being considered. However, it is recommended that some level of constraint on window size or zoom factor is applied, so that a model has a consistent viewing field at any level of its hierarchy.

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