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SLSF Rules reference with MAAB v2.0 rules
Hi all!

In the MISRA AC SLSF official document, there is the 'MISRA to MAAB cross reference list'. Looking each rule, I saw there is no explanation for which MAAB rule cover which MISRA sub-rule.
For example, if we consider the MISRA AC SLSF 027, we understood that is covered by the MAAB rules: db_0093, db_0097, na_0008, na_0009. But, the MISRA 027 is composed by the sub-rules A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J...therefore which set of sub-rules is covered by which MAAB rule?

Would you know if there is any other more detailed document that specify it?

Many thanks,

My best regards,
The mapping of SLSF sub-rules to MAAB rules was not tracked during SLSF development. We will take that on board as a suggestion for the next revision.

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