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meaning of 045G MISRA AC SLSF

I write you, because I can not understand the meaning of 045G MISRA AC SLSF. The doubt is this: the rule want there are no variables written when transitioning between any states, in any case (I think it is very strong as assertion). Or the rule is specific when you are using condition-action and transition-action (deviation from 043A MISRA AC SLSF) when transitioning between any states. Or is there another meaning for understanding this rule?
Could you give me more details about this rule?

Kind regards,
Stefania Botta.
MISRA AC SLSF 043A prohibits the use of condition-actions and transition-actions in the same statechart/machine. If a deviation is in place against this Rule then 045G comes into play. 045G then prohibits the writing to a variable, the same variable, in a condition-action and a transition-action implemented on the same transition path.

We will aim to make this guideline clearer in any future edition of MISRA AC SLSF.

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