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MISRA C:2012 Addendum 1
This document is intended to be used in conjunction with a copy of MISRA C:2012. It gives a bi-directional rule mapping between MISRA C:2004 and MISRA C:2012 in the form of two tables as follows:
  • MISRA C:2004 to MISRA C:2012 rule mapping - this shows the previous MISRA C:2004 rules and the equivalent rules in MISRA C:2012, along with a brief explanation of significant changes for "C90" code in the new version
  • MISRA C:2012 to MISRA C:2004 rule mapping - this shows the current MISRA C:2012 rules and their related MISRA C:2004 rules, if any.

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.pdf   MISRA C 2012 Addendum 1 - Rule Mapping.pdf (Size: 308.14 KB / Downloads: 57)
Dr David Ward
MISRA Project Manager

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