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MISRA C:2012 - Addendum 1
Addendum 1 to MISRA C:2012 is now available which contains rule mappings between MISRA C:2004 and the new version. It is intended to assist users in migration. The document can be found under the "Resources" forum of this Bulletin Board which is visible to registered users who are logged in.
Dr David Ward
MISRA Project Manager
I have a question about one of the mapping rules. In the document, Rule 19.4 gets mapped to Rule 20.4. And in the description there are other rules which cover the issue. Rule 14.6 is one of them, but i cannot find the Rule 14.6 in MISRA C:2012.
Thank you for pointing out the mistake. You are correct; it should say Rule 15.6.

See also reply to
Posted by and on behalf of the MISRA C Working Group

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