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MISRA C ADC - superseded
This document has now been superseded by MISRA Compliance:2016. The following description is retained for archival purposes.

MISRA C is intended to be used within the framework of a disciplined software development process. The MISRA C:2004 guidelines (Section 4.3.2) permit controlled deviation from the rules when software safety and/or quality requirements cannot otherwise be satisfied.

It should be understood that a deviation can only be adequately justified when supported by information such as:
  • An appropriate reason for the need to raise a deviation;
  • A description of the extent to which a relaxation of the rule is being introduced;
  • An argument to support the reasons for the deviation;
  • Measures which must be observed to ensure safety and/or quality.
MISRA C ADC was a technical note that was a first step in describing the requirements in greater detail. It focuses solely on the first of these topics, the common reasons for raising a deviation.
Dr David Ward
MISRA Operations Director

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